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symbian nokia

 This is actually the old way, but for your very useful, namely how to change the starup Nokia, according to our tastes, well how do we do it? follow the instructions below:

* Previously HandPhone already in Hack

    * Enable CapsOff

    * Open X-Plore> Z: \ resource \ apps

    * Copy files startup.mbm, startup.mif, startup.r129, startup.r31, startup.r326, startup.r327 to the folder C: \ resource \ apps

    * Then edit the file copy of the td who we are in the directory C: \ Resource \ apps (only file2: Startup.r129; Startup.r31; Startup.r326; & Startup.r327 just one by one)

    * We only edit 5a => 43 on the line 000 050 | 5a 3a 5c | a 000 050 | 43 3a 5c | (5a = Z; 43 = C)

    * After the editing process is complete, our admissible Startup.mbm replace the files with other Startup Animation to the folder C: \ Resource \ apps with the file records Animation Startup spent our first rename the Startup.mbm.

    * Restart the phone, the new Startup Animation Enjoy ...

    * Enjoy ....

only for Nokia S60 3rd
Recommended NOT FOR S60 2rd

2 May 2010

Download Ultra MP3 - Popular MP3 Players

Ultra Mp3 is a mobile application that we can use to play mp3 music on our phones. In general, the new symbian phone type (2006 or older generation) are already equipped with mp3 players, ringtones and others associated with sound, but there are some phones that are also not able to play.

An example is the Nokia N-Gage QD, cellphone-based for this game was basically designed to play games on phones, so its design is made like a video game. Mobile Ngage QD this (new type, not the classic) I never used to play games or java phone symbiah game.Ponsel type is not accompanied with a music player but has support, too weird.

Another strange thing that existed at the Ngage QD mobile phone is not able to save messages to the MMC so that if we send or receive bluetooth must drive C that is used as a drive image when receiving / sending. This has been overcome, however please read this post: Save mmc sms incoming messages.

Now I want to give the Ultra MP3. This program can replace or mp3 players have become a Universal which are widely used by many Symbian phones.
Ultra MP3 on production by Lonelycatgames. This mobile application can be downloaded at Download ultra MP3. If someone asks a serial number.

Download Ultra MP3

17 April 2010

Download the Facebook Application for your phone

For those of you who already know How to Make a Facebook, please complete your Facebook with New Facebook Application below. Facebook fame today is making a lot of people like not want to get rid of these most popular friendship site. Facebook Application be added to various activities become more interesting and diverse. Facebook Party itself is very familiar with the wants and needs of its members by providing New Facebook Application that can be used by anyone. Various applications such as Facebook Music Playlist Adds Ways to play Online Poker Game on Facebook we can do.

But the question that arises is how Facebook can be enjoyed by our highly mobile in the activity. Well, this time New Facebook Application provides the facility you need to access Facebook using Mobile or Ipod. With the facility would allow us to access Facebook via the HP, then we will not be any more trouble to continue to follow the development of our social networking on Facebook. We no longer have to stare at a PC or laptop when they want to indulge on Facebook. For those of you who are interested with this Facebook application, please you do the New Facebook Application is via the link below:

Download here

12 April 2010

40 s60 mobile applications

you're looking for applications for your mobile phone? and if you've found it? if not please download a collection of applications below, which I share applications on your s60 applications today is a new version, and has been made in a single package,
40 Applications for S60 v3.39

For Symbian phones like:
Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia 3250, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N93,
Nokia N93 Golf, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia E50

Adobe PDF 1.1.5 (read PDF)
IM+ 5.50.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
AgileMessenger 3.76.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
Wireless IRC 2.0.686 (irc client)
Alarm Manager 1.4.1(set multiple alarm)
Best BlackList 1.0.0 (black list unwanted calls)
FExplorer 1.16.0 Beta (symbian file explorer)
FGet 0.70.0 (download manager with resume support)
Flash Player 2.0.1 (play Flash files)
Handy Expense 2.2.0 (keep track of daily expenses)
Internet Time 1.4.0 (synchronize clock with internet time)
Mobipocket Reader Pro 5.1.532 (read eBooks)
MSDict - Oxford Concise English Dictionary 2.40.0 (dictionary)
My Assistant 1.2.726 (dictaphone & auto keylock)
NiceCalc 1.0.1 (scientific calculator)
Quickoffice (read/write Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
OfficeSuite 2.10.0 (read/write Word and Excel)
Opera 8.60.0 (internet browser)
PanoMan 1.19.0 (taking panoramas images)
Papyrus 1.108.0 (advance calendar & todo)
PhotoRite SP 5.30.0 Beta (advance camera with frames, mirror effect, etc)
PowerMP3 1.1.0 (music player with equalizer)
PhonePoint 2.0.0 (powerpoint remote control over bluetooth)
ProfiMail 2.40.0 (advance email client)
PuTTY 1.4 Beta 1 (SSH client)
Resco News 1.13.0 (RSS reader)
SmartMovie 3.21.0 (DIVX & XVID player & Converter)
Best ScreenSnap 1.1.0 (screenshot)
Torch 1.10.0 (torch light)
VirtualRadio 1.0.4 (online radio streaming)
Mobiola WebCam 1.4.0 (enable n70 to be a web camera for windows)
WinRAR 2.50.10 (compress/uncompress zip and rar)
WmaOGG Plugins 1.1.0 (plugin to enable wma and ogg support)
WorldMate 2.60.40 (world clock, weather forecast, currency rate, etc)
Zi Predictive Text Suite 1.4.0 (auto complete text while typing)
123'sMMCfonts 1.19.0 (enable reading of chinese fonts)
ChessGenius 1.40.0 (english chess)
Experimental Chinese Chess 1.1.1 (chinese chess)
Anti-Mosquito 2.1.0 (anti mosquito program)

Download here

7 March 2010

collection of antivirus for nokia series of various types

yesterday I was posting about some mobile phone applications that you should have, but one more thing you should have is anti-virus for your mobile phone, mobile anti-virus at least not with the applications that have trinstal on your mobile phone, I do not need explained about the function of your anti-virus must already know, and I also do not know what you gunakaan phone now, so I set out on your anti-virus for nokia series share, so if thist you're looking for anti virus for nokia mobile phones you please download link below


6 March 2010

collection aplication nokia in one pack

applications are essential to a mobile phone, because if we rely solely on innate applications, the phone is not working up to, well to make this we need to install the application, for example application to play mp3, antivirus, and others, and today if you want to have it please download the application that I share this, because this is a collection of applications for nokia mobile phone, please download the link below:


5 March 2010

Nokia X3 themes collection

These have now been many sites or blogs that provide free content, such as Wallpapers, themes, gratis, or other applications, even mobile phone sites also have lots of offers for free, but if it makes you happy or just until there ? well this time I wanted to share with you the X3 nokia theme, this theme is not only one, and has been made one, so you do not have a loss for themes nokia x3, one like the picture above, if you want it please download the link below


10 February 2010

Free aplication for Nokia 3120 classic

a few days ago I shared with you an application for a nokia Hanphone particular, today I want to share on your application for nokia mobile phones but specially for nokia 3120 classic, I specialize in order for you who want to download applications nokia 3120c, please download, you need to know that the application is complete and interesting to have

Download here

6 November 2009

Nokia Theme Carbide.ui 3.3 Edition

Carbide.ui Theme Edition enables you to create graphics themes for S60 and Series 40 devices, as well as audio themes for S60 devices. Using the WYSIWYG interface, you can access each element within an S60 or a Series 40 theme and adjust its visual or audio properties. When you need to design new theme graphics or audio, Carbide.ui allows you to open the element in your favorite bitmap-, vector graphics-, and audio-editing applications.

Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme Edition adds support for the identification of S60 5th Edition theme graphics and features for editing 3- and 11-piece components. In addition, updated third-party-icon capabilities provide for the creation of custom icons for the files and folders associated with third-party applications and services. The tool has also been updated to use the latest version of the Eclipse platform.

New features in Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme Edition:

* Support for S60 5th Edition components and their identification in the Properties view.
* Support for 3-piece components.
* Support for 11-piece components, with features to switch between 11- and single-piece components.
* Enhanced support for third-party icons with features for creating file and folder icons.

DOWNLOAD Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme

Carbide.ui Theme Edition Plug-ins

Carbide.ui plug-ins extend the features of Carbide.ui to allow for the creation of themes for new platforms and specific devices. To download plug-ins, select the required plug-in from the download drop-down.


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