Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

how to repair damage to the light nokia 5320

nokia 5320 on hardware are often damaged, especially damage to the lamp, resulting in a dark cell phone.
 actually there are several factors to correct this, depending on which part is damaged,
either that, the lights went out, short on the path, until the damage to the driver IC is not functioning

steps should you do to repair nokia 5320 which damaged the lights, the first thing noticed is the light path was functioning properly or not,
if it works, do the second step which checks whether the normal lights? if there is normal just ignore it, if the light is not normal then do the replacement, so if there is damage to the lamp driver IC.

now I just want to share with you about repairs to damage nokia 5310 lights not working.
in this case I am talking about is if there is damage to the track.

this may be very useful if you do not have a schematic nokia 5310, and although yours will be too tired if you find one at the light path, the technique used is the technique jumpers
with the second note resistor.untuk clearer picture below.

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