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SETool V1.0 Final & New Executable Setool2g

Release date: 13.03.2010

v1.0 FINAL released.
- added standalone support for reset operation, alternative bypass for next chipsets:
supported s1 aid 0001,0002,0003.
supported a1/a2 cid 16,29,36,49,50,51,52,53,80
s1 omap s1 locosto s1 neptun db 200x db 201x db 2020 db 3150 db 3200 db 3210 db 3350
Kepp enjoy setooling!



9 January 2010

PolarBox & BB-Box Blackberry Server updated (New Security added )-info update

New Blackberry Security Added
Blackberry Server updated (New Security added)
More power for LICENSE 2 (HTC + Blackberry)

Now LICENSE2 supports all kind of Blackberrys (Old and New Security) totally FREE and unlimited
More than 50 MEPs files added to server, for more info, check link here :

MEPs Supported now :Http://www.polarbox2.net/images/update_Supported.txt

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ PB2 Team ]
[ Http://www.polarbox2.net]

12 October 2009

mobileEx_setup_v3.2_rev5.3. update

11/10 · v3.2 revision 5.3, Public-Release
#Minor update
Fixed, Windows Vista & Windows 7 compability.
- NK
Fixed, BB5 RAPU-YAMA phones flashing
Fixed, DCT4 flashing bug(DEAD after flash/unlock)
Fixed, loading module sometimes failed
Improved, Module stability


15 September 2009

14.09.2009 - MT Box Nokia - MT Box DCT4+ patch fil

14.09.2009 - MT Box Nokia - MT Box DCT4+ patch files update v1.0
Release notes:

• C H A N G E IMEI supported for all new DCT4+ models (by using "empty button")
• Added unlock patch files for new DCT4+ models and versions
• Supported models and software versions:

• 2330c RM-512 - v8.20
• 2323c RM-543 - v8.20
• 2720f RM-519 - v8.20

All MT box Nokia users can use it without any additional activation!

To able use it you need MTB NK
MTB NK 1.59.32.exe

Rapid share link:

14 September 2009

se tool New Update Setup Release v0.915044


- fixed EROM UPGRADE feature for db2020 phones.
it will be active when no settings set and RECOVERY pressed.
thx to arash for reporting.

- fixed s1 flash readout in .ssw mode, thx to kokoka for discovering.

rapidshare FULL SETUP LINK

beta testing period ends on 13.09.2009 23:59 gmt+3.

at the moment we decided to set prices as follows: PRICES

prices for a1/a2 phones will be lowered soon to minumum prices
of corresponding level from our "best friends" pricelist.

perhaps they will raise it to match ours (best for both teams),
perhaps they will make it free again (aerix).

finally, i should mention, that RESET mode is NOT PANACEA.
it WILL NOT fix bad flash ic - which can be reason of initial GDFS corruption.
alas, credits will NOT be returned in that case - take it as is or leave.

credits will also NOT be returned in case of bad communication cables.
that is especially valid for j132 pl2003-based "things".

10 September 2009

Info Update MSSBOX II !!

8 April 2008 - MSS Service Software 1.23 has been released.

What's new:

- Added support for multiple connected boxes on one PC. Now you can connect all your MSS boxes to one computer
- Added support for CDMA phones (Flash / ESN repair / SPC read / User&Security codes read) :
Moto C305, C364, V710, A840, K1m, V3c, V3m, L7c, E815, E816, V260, V262, V265, V266, V267, V276, V323, V323i, V325, V325i
- Added U3 unlock
- Added unlock support for V3re boot 0C.F4
- Added unlock support for K1s boot (0D.C0 & 0D.C1) (beta test)
- Added unlock support for V9 boot (05.80)
- Added dump support for V9/V9m (R263313/R263313M/R263313-AS/R263313M-AS)
- Added PDS repair for R4444HL1, R3721
- Now phones in "USB printing mode" are automatically detected in MSS
- Fixed E375 (R3721) booting problem
- A1200/E2/E6 IMEI repair procedure improved
- Indonesian localization added
- German localization updated

Info Update MSSBOX II !!

MSS Service Software 1.25 has been released
Added support for new CDMA phones (ESN repair / MEID repair / SPC read / User&Security codes read) :

- Moto ZN4, VU30, QA30, V750, V950
- Moto ZN4, VU30, QA30, V750, V950 with 128mb flash - world first!

- Introducing new compressed flash files .MFZ! Take a loot at the benefits:

- Flashing is up-to 30% faster now!!!
- Flash files are now up to 50% smaller, save your download traffic, save your time!

- Added long awaited support for Windows Vista
- New skins added
- MSS is now installed on a system drive, valeu on disk C

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